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About Us

Acclaim Media Group is a media and entertainment company focused on afro-descendants around the globe.  We emphasize diverse storytelling that delivers refreshing new international perspectives from people of color.

We are a multimedia company with a focus on 5 businesses:

ACCLAIM.TV - a digital platform for scripted and non-scripted original entertainment content, including series, movies, documentaries, specials, and daily news and current affair programming.

ACCLAIM MOSAIC - Our network of digital  magazines with curated articles and short videos content on different topics. The portfolio is composed of :

     RISE - Curated content about inspiration and innovation.

     FLOW - Curated content about Performing Arts & Entertainment.            

     LENS - Curated content about Visual Arts and Design.

     DNA - Curated content about Culture, history, and identity.

     ALIGN - Curated content about body, mind, spirit & peak performance.

NILE STORE- an online shopping network featuring black owned business and products.

ACCLAIM FILMS - A studio for development, production, and distribution of  a cross platform slate of culturally focused films and television content for audiences worldwide. 

ACCLAIM CREATIVE - A creative agency that helps brands capture the attention of their audience with entertainment centric campaigns that delight.

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